The Third-i Workout Series: What is it?

+ 06/09/2017

Third-i team is pleased to have successfully launched our Stakeholder Engagement Workout Series, focusing on proactively demonstrating stakeholder engagement that is more interactive and original than the current cookie-cutter approach and that can be channeled towards fulfilling an organisation’s purposes; and more importantly, empowering the health and innovation community to effectively engage. Check out our first session: 


Why are we organising these sessions?

Stakeholder engagement is generally accepted to be important to an organisation. But like many jargon terms that are thrown around lightly, we don’t often take the time to proactively learn what it really means for our work, and to exchange best practices and solutions on how to deal with the challenges it poses. 

At Third-i, we deeply believe that meaningful, collaborative stakeholder engagement is an important and valuable area for an organisation’s success. Therefore, we wanted to work together to identify common challenges and to find ways to engage stakeholders meaningfully to co-create solutions. We wanted to tackle these issues using a very hands-on approach, through dynamic participatory sessions specially structured and facilitated to help us align as a group.

During these sessions, we will use some of our creative methodologies together with you, to engage, inspire and challenge, while also having fun and meeting like-minded professionals.


As part of our interactive workouts, we will also aim to develop a set of Guidelines on Mastering and Managing Stakeholder Engagement which we encourage you to apply to your day-to-day work! With this mind, our next upcoming sessions will be focusing on the three top issues that participants identified for stakeholder engagement:

-Ensuring meaningful engagement

-Measuring the results and impact

-Getting buy-in internally

Interested to join us and to know more?