About Us

Third-i builds alliances, sets agendas, and leads the development of actionable strategies to answer today’s complex healthcare challenges.

Big questions demand creative solutions, a holistic view of the issues, and multi-stakeholder input.

Third-i leads the way in identifying those stakeholders most likely to contribute valuable perspectives, and facilitate alliances to bring about workable solutions with real-world impact.

Stakeholder engagement
Map out which stakeholders bring unique understanding of the issue at hand, identify those best placed to contribute to solutions, and facilitate alliances to bring about workable solutions with real-world impact.

Strategic alliance & coalition-building
Create and implement strategies to build and extend influence, using creative, dynamic and participatory means to gain valuable input and perspectives from all stakeholders

Public policy research
Conduct policy research and coordinate your policy-research with academia and think tanks

Our interdisciplinary team provides partners with astute, agile thinking in a constantly changing environment. Our team includes long-standing and diverse experience in:

  • Public and government affairs
  • Business relations
  • Healthcare policy
  • Alliance-building
  • Strategic communications

Third-i was founded in 2013 by Jacqueline Bowman-Busato,an expert in healthcare and life sciences policy-driven advocacy, stakeholder engagement and strategic alliance-building.  She has assembled a team uniquely qualified in healthcare policy, innovation, education and strategic communications to address the gap between the need for innovative ways to bring effective consensus and the realities of conventional public affairs at EU and global levels.

Third-i is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK company Scope Communications Ltd.

We envision a world in which complex healthcare issues are solved through a collaborative, holistic approach that includes all stakeholders, including patients, researchers, innovators and policy-makers.

Practitioners of yoga are no doubt familiar with the concept of the third eye – a speculative, invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. According to the teachings of the Tao, the third eye represents the ability to see what might be, to recognise patterns that can supplement the knowledge we gain through our other senses.

At Third-i, we believe that the complex challenges facing the healthcare ecosystem require an approach that stretches beyond the siloed methods of the past.

We look for innovative solutions that challenge all those involved to look outside their own perspectives to address the entire scope of the challenge.  It’s a concept called shared value, and the results benefit you, your employees and society at large.