Case Studies

Scoping the value of innovation

The Challenge

A global research-driven healthcare company based in Basel has been working on determining the value of innovation in oncology patient care.  It had reached the point of needing additional input from diverse stakeholders, but did not want to influence opinion by publicising the full findings of their work to date. 

Our challenge was to engage multiple stakeholders who were unaccustomed to engaging with one another in a constructive discussion about the value of innovation in therapeutic care, and determine the best way to measure this value.

The Solution

We identified and recruited a diverse team of multi-stakeholder experts representing Roche, the European Patient Forum (EPF), the European Cancer Leagues (ECL), the European Payer Community (AIM) and the European Health Management Association (EHMA).  To encourage structured, open discussion between this group of diverse experts, we engaged them in designing a PlayDecide game to be launched at the European Health Forum Gastein in 2015. PlayDecide is a discussion game that encourages teams to talk in a simple, structured and effective manner about controversial issues.  It is an application of game theory that has had proven results in encouraging diverse participants to share their perspectives and listen to others before come to a conclusion.

The Impact

Even before the game was launched, the effort was successful in engaging a number of high-profile experts in the design of the PlayDecide game.  Participants agreed on the need for a flexible, encompassing approach towards the value of innovation, paired with the need for pan-European coordination. 

The innovative, creative approach attracted 80 players at the 2015 European Health Forum Gastein, including NGOs, Members of the European Parliament, high-ranking European Commission officials, academics and WHO officials.  These high-caliber participants contributed and validated the model through the game’s active, structured format in a trusted environment. 

Afterwards, the expert group professed a wish to work further on the topic together and are now moving forward to provide practical tools to policy-makers which can inform on measuring the value of innovation with our client as a trusted, equal partner.

This version of the game has now been played by over 200 participants in Europe and Asia  to date by multiple stakeholder groups, and it was nominated for a global innovation award within the client’s company.

We have advised the client that a logical next step would be to develop an issue paper to help drive on-going advocacy strategy with the same group and to expand/refine the game for ongoing input.