Case Studies

Strategy & Implementation Planning

The Challenge

When a group of venture capitalists purchased a well-established brand in the vaccine storage and transportation industry, along with their lesser-known biomedical refrigeration product line, they set an ambitious goal to increase gross revenue significantly within 18 months.  The company quickly needed a stakeholder outreach strategy and implementation plan to help them reach this revenue target while establishing the company brand in both markets.

The Solution

Third-i started by clarifying the current purchase decision-making pathway and researched how recent legislative changes would impact effect that purchasing process.  We also identified a diverse group of key stakeholders, including the company’s distributor network, target customers and regulators.  Comprehensive stakeholder mapping was completed via primary and secondary research methods, including the development of qualitative phone interview questionnaires, followed by a series of interviews to clarify customer needs, gain a better understanding of how they reach purchase decisions, and to gauge brand awareness.  

From this research, we identified three strategic priorities that the company would need to address in order to increase brand awareness and successfully grow its market.  Included was a detailed implementation plan for the next 18 months that included recommendations on how the company could position its unique product offerings throughout the Big Five EU markets, in light of the changing regulatory environment.   Included were leading and lagging key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure incremental success.  We then worked with the company to develop the communications strategy, presentation and coaching to present the plan and budget to the venture capitalists with the goal of getting their input, approval and budget to implement the plan.  

The Impact

The company introduced the plan, following our recommendations.  They contacted us afterwards to say that, due to the preparation and coaching we provided, they were able to respond  appropriately to all questions and that the venture capitalists approved the plan and budget without changes.